Today’s world is very fast and changes occur in seconds. When you are researching for something you find trillions of articles written on that topic which is impossible to read for one person.

So, you need a summarized version of those lengthy articles

A summarized version has all the important points lined up for you in form of paragraphs or bullet points that are easy to read and understand.

You get the main idea in a very concise and summarized form. The important thing is it saves precious time

Manually reading all the data and converting every article into its summarized form is close to impossible.

So, to ease up our lives we have generated summarizing tools that are going to help you a great deal in writing a unique summary for lengthy articles.

Following are the list of tools and the details of how they work and help in creating a unique summarized version of any lengthy article


summarizer is a great tool.

If you are looking for something that not only creates a unique summary of your article but also help to keep the core meaning intact for the article so that whoever reads it knows what the original author is trying to communicate in the article


The length of the summarized version of the article is very important.  It’s usually one-third of the original article which is considered a good length in which you can summarize and properly cover what the author wants to say in its original article. provides you with an easy option where you can alter the length of the article between long and short according to the need of the reader as well as the article.

If the articles main points are covered in short length summary select that otherwise, you can go for a long version or even stay in between where you think you are doing justice to the original writer

Main bullets with the core thought will make sure that the content it is Summarizing will keep its core thinking intact.

The reason behind the article will surely be given most importance and with the help of artificial intelligence algorithms main bullets are being created that is a thorough but concise representation of the whole article

One mainline that’s the core thought of the article is also given to you so that if you want to know the core meaning in one glance you can do that easily

Safety is an utmost priority

You always want that whatever article you create must stay secured and away from public hands.

You want your work to stay completely safe and is making sure that it happens.

They give utmost importance to your article and keep the results only available to the only user that does the input

Additional features

Summarizing an article is a complete art. provides some additional features that you might find helpful in creating your unique summary of lengthy articles

Unlimited words summarizing

You can summarize your lengthy articles without the issue of word limits.

You can put in as lengthy articles as there is and just select the final product length and you will get the summary as per request

Free is completely free of cost so you don’t have to spend a penny to get help from this summarizing tool.


This summarizer tool works in a matter of seconds and helps you create a unique summary without wasting any of your time.


The unique summary you are going to get will be completely understandable and makes Exact sense as the article itself. Artificial intelligence database makes sure of it in its unique way.

Best lines likes to have your input in every way.

It provides you multiple best lines for the article and you can choose the most appropriate one that you think is the core of the article you are uniquely summarizing.

Word count

You get the precise word count of the summary created and you can check if it is according to your needs or you want to increase or decrease them as per your requirements.

No location barrier

You can use this summarizer from where ever and whenever you want on your laptops or phones as easy for you. The access is unlimited.

Unlimited language options

There are no language barriers. You can choose from multiple languages and get the summary ready that is unique specially created from your article.


summarizing tool

Another tool that can help you create a unique summary for your lengthy article is summarizing tool.

With the help of summarizing tool, you can create a fresh summary that will be completely in sync with the original article.

Unlimited free of cost access

You can copy-paste or upload your article no matter how lengthy it is as this summarizing tool gives you unlimited word access that to completely free of cost.

You will get a unique description of your article in the form of a summary that will keep the essence of your article alive and only provide you with detail that’s utterly important of that article that gives the reader a sense that what the whole content is talking about.

Artificial intelligence

This magic is done by Artificial intelligence software that helps you identify and locate the core principles that are explained in the article without which a unique summarized description is impossible.

With Artificial intelligence algorithms, you get to have the whole content explained in a very concise way.

Language options and access is unlimited

You can access this summarizing tool from anywhere in the world at any time that suits your schedule and you will instantly get your unique summary done.

This also doesn’t limit you to language. 

Any language you desire or understand can be selected from options and your unique summary is been done accordingly.