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FTC Affiliate Disclosure

Welcome to Isitdownorjustme FTC Affiliate Disclosure page.

We believe in transparency, which means what we do, we share.

Here at Isitdownorjustme FTC Disclosure page, we want to let you understand, that how we earn money even without asking you to pay us anything.

Let’s explore.

FTC Affiliate Disclosure Review

Isitdownorjustme tool is a free resource to find if a website is down for everyone or just you.

However, Isitdownorjustme blog writes review articles around web hosting services and show you how to speed up your website.

All stuff we publish here is 100% FREE but operates as a business.

Since our main motive is to educate people (you). So we recommend only products that are really worth your investment.

For example: no matter what business you will start (or running) online, web hosting is the first essential service that you can’t be alone in 2024.

Here, we only recommend highly repudiated and trustworthy web hosting services.

It helps users compare different hostings and understand which they have to select for their next blog or website project.

This is all how Isitdownorjustme Blog operates and earn money online. For more details about the site, read our about us page.

So let’s talk about affiliate links disclosure.

Affiliate Links

Note: Our affiliate disclosure complies with the Federal Trade Commission’s guide (FTC) to avoid any visitors’ misunderstanding.

The information we publish on this site is unique, knowledgeable, fresh, and 100% free. You can browse and read our tutorials, guides & reviews on products as per your needs even without paying even a penny.

Sometimes, we add affiliate links to the services or products recommended on this site. This generates a fixed amount of commission at no extra cost to you.

It is a thank you gift from the product manager for sending them a customer. Besides, we help readers to get discounts and deals on new purchases.

We are eligible for a commission only you click on an affiliate link and end up purchasing services or any other recommended product listed on the site.

It’s clear why we are using affiliate links and how it helps us to generate income from Isitdownorjustme blog.

One Small Request: If you plan to buy any product or service, please use our affiliate link to make a purchase. We appreciate any help you can provide.

If you have any questions regarding the affiliate disclosure, please do not hesitate to drop a message to us via the contact page.



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