It is quite hard for someone to develop a good website if he is not from the programming sector. Such a person would not be equipped with developmental technologies.

However, Word Press is a quality platform that allows anyone with average technical knowledge to create a fully functional professional website.

In addition to that, you can add different plugins that increase positivity and productivity. SEO plugins improve the rank of a website, help with a better traffic rate and serve several other similar purposes.

The rating of a professional website is important as it connects to the business results. Here are some important Word Press SEO plugins that should be attained for improved ranking.

6 Best SEO Plugins For WordPress 2023

Rank Math

As it has been mentioned above, the rank of a website is quite important if you want to exist on the first page. The goal can be achieved using this plugin.

It is an amazing option to complete several On-Page SEO tasks. For instance, if you want to manage the products listed on the related web page, it can be easily done. Keywords are very important in terms of a high SEO position.

If you are using Rank Math, the keywords which should be present in your content can be viewed easily through the Admin Panel. Thus, if you see that something has been missed out, it can be included.


prepostseo plagiarism detector

The standing of a website can immediately touch the lowest level if there are content originality problems.

The effects do not change whether this issue has occurred intentionally or due to lack of concentration. Having a Word Press website means that you can easily determine whether the content is plagiarism-free or not.

  • This plagiarism detector plugin is completely free which means that to add it to your website, no cost has to be paid.  Does it detect all kinds of mistakes or things are ignored as well? In the case of copied content, even one mistake can result in a huge debacle. Once a website loses its reputation, it is quite hard to regain it. This plugin has complete efficiency and not even one error goes undetected.
  • It makes producing original content a much easier task. With a Word Press website, no additional application has to be installed. Prior to publishing, it would determine plagiarism status and prevent unwanted problems. Large scaled issues are created for the website rank once readers are exposed to the copied material. Hence, this plagiarism detector plugin acts as a saviour.

SEO Squirrly


Search Engine Optimization is a complete domain and if you don’t have related knowledge, optimization of a website would be impossible.

This plugin is tailor-made for people who don’t have SEO domain knowledge. It has a very easy set of website optimization features. Insertion of the right keywords helps in driving more people towards the website.

You get more clicks which enhance chances of getting business. Suppose that you are writing an article and an important keyword has been missed out.

It would be automatically inserted which means increased SEO value.

Broken Link Checker

broken link checker

If you have recently joined a company, getting connected to existing employees with a good reputation would help you in growing. Same is the case with new websites.

Once they go live, a long span is needed to get recognition. Even after that, getting to the first page is a tough journey.

Things become a lot easier for website owners who have credible backlinks. However, you can only extract advantages if they are working. How can this be determined?

The simplest way is adding the broken link checker. If any of your backlinks are not working, people would be able to view your web page and an error would be displayed.

This experience is extremely irritating for most users and they do not make a second visit in most cases. Now, you don’t have to be apprehensive about any of the backlinks not working and traffic being lost as a reason.

Rel No Follow Checkbox

Simply having a long list of backlinks is not the key factor. The quality that each one of them has makes the real difference. For instance, suppose that you are unintentionally connected to four spam links.

This would affect the quality of information that the audience would view. In other words, the credibility of Google would be at stake. Hence, backlinks should only be added if they meet the quality criteria.

They should improve the reputation of the website instead of bringing it down.

This plugin helps in differentiating between low caliber and high caliber backlinks. If you have it added to your website, there would be no apprehensions about being connected to fraudulent web pages.

Yoast SEO

When it comes to the on-page SEO of your site then this plugin is very important and comes at first glance.

This is a popular plugin for basic SEO of your site and is effective in providing a better rank.

When it comes to the on-page SEO of your site then this plugin is very important and comes at first glance. This is a popular plugin for basic SEO of your site and is effective in providing a better rank.

After installation, this plugin helps you to know the necessary measures that should be applied to the pages and posts of your site to optimize it according to the search engine.

Finalising Best SEO Plugins List 2023

A website designed on WordPress brings several plus points for the owners. One of them is adding plugins which improve the success level in a particular way. Some of them are meant for getting better SEO results.

It is not possible for any website to exist for a long span if it ranks low. People do not go beyond the first page of results so if you want a good stream of traffic, the SEO position matters a lot.

There are various plugins that can come into play for better search engine optimization outputs. For instance, if you want only original plagiarism free content on your website; add the plagiarism detector plugin by Prepostseo.

It would determine whether the web content is completely unique or not. It is a free option which can be embedded in any Word Press website with ease.