The query, “Top 10 Government Websites in India” is often searched on the internet and the people of India, especially youngsters show more interest in knowing the list of government websites in India and the use of the websites as well.

So, I thought of doing research on the query and writing an article about the same.

I know that you can’t just narrow the list to only 10 government websites in India as there are a lot of government websites for different departments.

But the reason I am limiting myself to list only 10 is that these are some most popular govt of India websites and provide so much use to the Indian citizens.

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Before stepping into the Indian government website list, it’s better to clearly understand what are government websites and the benefits of the sites.

Let’s get started.

What Are Government Websites? And What’s The Use?

Not just in India, almost all the countries worldwide have their own list of government websites.

These sites are officially launched for different departments and maintained by government officials.

Government websites can be classified into two categories:

  • One is exclusively for higher officials of the government to store confidential data and it cannot be viewed by the public.
  • And second, another category of government websites is for citizens of the country.

The second category of websites offers information resources and online services to the people of the country. That’s the biggest benefit of such websites.

Usually, Indian government websites are in domain extension and there are some other extensions too such as and

Let’s explore the list.

Top 10 Government Websites in India 2024: Official Govt. Sites List

Below is the summary table of the top Indian government websites list:

No.Website Name
1.Parliament Of India
2.UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India)
3.Reserve Bank of India
4.Pensioners’ Portal
5.Ministry Of External Affairs
6.IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation)
7.Passport Seva
8.Income Tax Department
9.Department Of Post
10.Union Public Service Commission

Let’s expand the all websites.

1. Parliament Of India

parliament of india
Parliament of India government official website

Parliament Of India government website exclusively for the people of India to know about the Indian parliament in detail.

You can visit the website and click on the header parliament image to explore the links on the government website.

Here, you will find out so many links about Indian Parliament on the page including parliamentary committees, stories of parliamentary reporting and lots more.

Speaking in general, you can explore what you want to know about the parliament and also a pdf file will be downloaded to your storage. Later then you can read the PDF file too.

On the homepage of the Parliament of India government website, you will find links to Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and President of India websites.


Unique Identification Authority of India website

UIDAI stands for Unique Identification Authority of India – an exclusive Indian government website for all the Aadhaar Card related services.

First, when you enter the website, you are requested to choose your preferred language.

You can choose one preferred language among 13 including English and other Indian state languages such as Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Marathi and a few more.

UIDAI is one single portal for all Aadhaar Card related services when you can:

  • Book appointments for registering your Aadhaar card
  • Update your Aadhaar card
  • Verify your Aadhaar number
  • Download your Aadhaar card copies straight from your mobile
  • And lots more

One of the most popular yet highly visited government websites in India as you know how important the Aadhaar card is for Indian Citizens.

3. Reserve Bank Of India

reserve bank of india
Reserve Bank of India government website

As you all know, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is India’s central bank.

I don’t think the RBI website is very useful for common Indian Citizens, but for those who want to gather the details about the RBI as well as to know the press releases, news about the central bank can make much use of it.

One major benefit of the website for common citizens is that the official bank website updates the bank holidays for the month for different states.

So, you can know the holidays in the month of government banks in your state and plan your banking works accordingly.

Apart, you can have a look at the speeches, interviews and publications related to the bank on the official website.

4. Pensioners’ Portal

pensioners portal govt of india
Pensioners’ Portal website of India

The name itself explains the government of India website Pensioners Portal exclusively for government employees to know about the status of their pension.

I personally went through the whole website and interestingly found so much information about pension schemes.

So, you do not need to be a government employee to make use of the citizens, you can use the website for reference purposes if you are interested in learning about the pension process.

The website offers you a hell lot of information such as pension rules, pension schemes for different departments, class of pension, retirement benefits and more.

5. Ministry Of External Affairs

ministry of external affairs
Ministry of external affairs official website

Suppose you are interested in knowing India’s relationship with other foreign nations. In that case, you can look at Ministry Of External Affairs website, and can get frequently updated with press releases and news on the same.

On this government website, the outgoing visits of the Indian president, vice-president, and Prime Minister details get updated along with other countries’ presidents’ and government officials’ incoming visits details.

You can check the different countries’ embassies in India locations on the website. After the covid-19, the website also gets updated with the covid-19 details such as guidelines for international arrivals, points on fighting against covid-19, covid cases and similar information.

6. India Railway – IRCTC

indian railways
India Railway – IRCTC website

We all know IRCTC as the Indian official website for the Railway department. But, the IRCTC is actually a website that provides majorly ticket booking services.

There is an exclusive government website on behalf of the railway department called Indian Railway.

You can find the IRCTC link on the Indian Railway’s official website which you can use for e-ticketing services.

Apart, Indian Railway’s official website has a lot more to offer to the common Indian citizens. You can check your train PNR status, train timetable and railway tenders.

Most importantly, there is a sub-page on the Indian Railway website called Recruitment. All the railway job openings-related information can be read on the page and possibly, you can apply for the positions through the website.

7. Passport Seva

passport seva
Indian Passport Seva official government website

One of the highly visited yet popular government websites in India is Passport Seva. The department actually comes under the Ministry of External Affairs.

But there should be a need for an exclusive website for Passport Seva and so the government of India has launched the Passport Seva portal website separately.

There are so many benefits the common people of India can avail of from the portal. The benefits are as follows:

  • You can check appointment availability and book an appointment yourself without the help of any agents
  • You can seamlessly track your passport application status
  • You can download the forms required for applying for a passport
  • Fee calculator to understand the fees you should pay for the passport
  • And much more

8. Indian Tax Department

income tax department of india
Government of India tax department website

If you are a tax-paying Citizen and want to know the country’s Income Tax norms and regulations, you can make much use of this government website in India.

The two major services the website offers to Indian Citizens are Link Aadhaar and Verify Pan. You can use those two options to verify your PAN and link it with your Aadhaar number.

There you can file your IT no matter if you are a senior citizen, a business professional, an individual or a salaried employee.

Also, there is a news section on the website where you are able to read all the latest news and announcements from the government in the IT sector.

9. Department Of Post

department of posts india
Department of post services India

Even after the arrival of so many private courier and delivery companies, there are still many people in India depending on the Government of India, Department of Post services for sending and receiving parcels domestic and worldwide.

The Department of Post government website in India exclusively for all the post-related processes. You can buy stamps and flags online from the Indian Post government website apart from parcel services.

There are so many other benefits available on the website for Indian Citizens such as locating Post Office, Calculate Postage, Finding Pincode and importantly you can opening a Post Office Savings Bank Account online via this famous website.

10. Union Public Service Commission

union public service commission
Indian Govt. website of union public service commission

The Union Public Service Commission is one of the best government websites for students who want to know everything about Government examinations.

You can check out active examinations, forthcoming examinations, previous question papers, answer keys and much more about the government examinations.

You can also check your examination results on this portal of the Indian Government. There is also a recruitment column on the UPSC government website where you can look for available job positions in the government sector.

Final Thoughts On Indian Government Websites List

There are almost all government websites available for all online services like ticket booking, passport services, IT files, bill payments and much more.

But the saddest part is that still, the majority of people in India look for private companies to do all the above-said kinds of work.

I wish all Indian citizens should start using these Government websites in India to fulfil their related works and help the government achieve more.

I believe the above list of top 10 government websites in India might help you in finding information and doing different online services

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