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Booster Theme Review 2024: Is It The Best Shopify Theme?

Shopify stores are going as strong as they were in the last few years. New people are joining the market and making the competition tougher. However, you can come out on top if you are equipped with the best-converting theme for Shopify stores.

I am talking about the Booster Theme, the theme that will help you build, boost, and scale your Shopify store! The theme includes beautifully designed templates and all the necessary things for making your website successful.

In this Booster Theme review, I will look at the different aspects of this amazing shop theme. From its features to pricing, you will find all the information you need to go to the next step. So keep reading to start your 2024 new with something amazing!

An Overview of Booster Theme

booster theme

As the name suggests, Booster Theme is designed to give your Shopify store a massive boost. With 40+ conversion optimizing tools, this procedure leaves no stone unturned After thorough optimization, your store will load faster than any other website according to Booster Theme.

The theme allows you to have full control of your store and its appearance. You can make major and minor changes without knowing how to code at all.  It is practically one of the most complete themes covering all device types and networks.

Booster Theme’s pricing plans are feature-rich and structured fairly simple. You can purchase an annual or a lifetime license for the tool based on your requirements. 

Keep reading to learn more about all the details in this updated review for 2024.

Booster Theme Key Features

Booster Theme is great and works flawlessly with all Shopify stores. But what truly makes it a better choice than other themes? Let’s find out by looking at its key features.

Zero Dependency

This is an important feature as the Booster Theme makes your store self-dependent on a single theme. A variety of tools are included with the theme so you don’t have to install bulks of apps on Shopify that will eventually slow down your store.

With tools like smart search, stock bar, dynamic checkout, and others, this theme makes sure you’ve got everything at your disposal. In simpler words, Booster Theme comes with pre-integrated tools that spare you the installation of external apps (and saves you money as well!).

Conversion Optimized Tools

You get more than 40 conversion-optimized tools with the Booster Theme. Each of these tools has its designated function of boosting conversions. For instance, the mobile optimization theme makes your store load faster on mobile devices.

Similarly, the other tools enhance the customer experience in several ways. These include a smoother checkout, faster notifications, and marketing tactics. In short, these tools save you extra money and effort.

Full Control

Even someone with no tech knowledge can play with the appearance of the store. The good thing about this is the complete control over your store’s appearance. The theme has made it easier to make major changes from its central dashboard.

Its customization goes beyond the traditional themes that control every change that you make to the theme’s appearance. Hence, you can give your store a unique look that suits your brand’s identity.

Easy Setup

Booster Theme is quite simple to set up with a 1-minute installation procedure. After the installation, you can set it up in a few easy steps. Customize its controls and other things according to your store’s requirements. After this is done, you can start boosting the sales of your store.

To summarize, an easy installation and setup streamline your store’s conversion rate in a much quicker time!

Dedicated Support Team

The customer support team of Booster Theme is available 7 days a week to assist you with anything. Whether it is something with installation or other issues, they will help you solve it. You can reach the team via Facebook Messenger and Email at all times.

The response time is swift and your issue will be resolved with complete satisfaction. And yes, you can follow up with the team regarding your issues at any time in the future.

Booster Theme Pricing

You know the features of Booster Theme and what it has to offer. But, it is important to analyze its pricing plans before making a decision. It offers two licenses that cover the complete tools that come with the theme. The licenses are differentiated by the durations that they are valid for.

booster theme pricing

Let me give you a general overview of the Booster Theme licensing plans.

Yearly License

This license is designed for those who want to use the theme for a limited duration. These customers will also have the opportunity to switch to another theme somewhere down the road since they won’t have a lifetime subscription. In my view, it is wise to stick to the Booster Theme with its unique features.

The yearly license includes access to all of Booster Theme’s features and resources, for a solid one year. To get this license, you will need to pay $248 every year. You will get lifetime updates and support after purchasing this plan. However, to retain access to the theme, you will have to pay the specified price every year.

Apart from the unlimited updates, this license has some other interesting characteristics as well. For example, you get optimized store presets and unlimited visitors with this license. Here are some additional features included with the yearly license:

  • Mobile-optimized Design
  • Speed Optimization Features
  • Image Auto-optimizer
  • Tech Support

Lifetime License

The lifetime license comes as an option for those who want to stick to Booster Theme for a longer duration. Getting this license is a better decision in terms of finances as well. If you want to use the theme for at least 5 years, the annual subscription payment becomes much higher than the one-time fee you pay for the lifetime license.

To get the lifetime license, you will need to pay $398, this is the discounted price with a $100 waiver. There is a 14-day no-commitment guarantee also included with this plan. And yes, their team will help you with the installation after you make the purchase.

Booster Theme’s lifetime license comes with all the features included in the previous license. You get forever updates and customer support with this plan. Additionally, they give you unlimited visitors and ‘tech’ support for a year. Here are some of its other features:

  • Booster Apps Worth $5136 a Year
  • Optimized Store Presets
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Speed Optimization
  • Image Auto-optimizer

List of Tools Included With Booster Theme

I talked about the extra tools of Booster Theme extensively in this review article. These apps/tools will save you a huge amount of money on additional Shopify apps. 

Here are some of the tools that come with Booster Theme for free:

1. Image Auto Optimizer: The first tool will optimize the images and other media present in your store. This results in faster loading speeds and a better visitor experience.

2. Language Converter: In today’s widespread digital world, translation to different languages is key for stores and websites. This tool allows your store’s content to be translated into other languages.

3. Currency Converter: Next, the currency converter takes the process even further. Customers from different parts of the world can know the prices in their currencies with it.

4. Cart Options: The cart options tool is great in terms of improving the shopping experience for customers. They will have an interactive cart at their disposal that will help in finalizing purchases.

5. Predictive Search: After the smart search tool, the predictive search is what makes searching easier for customers. It will predict and auto-complete product names that customers on your Shopify store will be searching for.

6. Free Shipping Bar: You can add this bar to certain items that have free shipping as a bonus. Potential customers will be more likely to purchase these ‘hot’ items.

7. Frequently Bought Together: Another feature that increases the chances of conversion is the frequently bought together alert. Anyone who is shipping can be influenced by attractive items and their order can be expanded.

8. Description Tab: One of the most important aspects of selling online is the product description. The description tab will help you describe your Shopify store products and tell the customers key information.

Final Thoughts

Booster Theme is one of the fastest growing themes with nearly 50,000 stores currently using it. Its popularity is justified by the plethora of features and tools that it has to offer. It has an attractive design and many optimization features that boost any store’s conversions.

There are two types of licenses available for the theme. The annual license is a subscription-based purchase while the lifetime license requires you to pay only once. The latter has a handy $100 discount automatically applied to our readers.

In this article, I reviewed the Booster Theme and its features along with the licenses. I tried to convey the real image of the theme and how it can drive the conversions of your Shopify store upwards. I hope you will make the right decision after reading this 2024-updated review of Booster Theme!

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