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How To Cancel Leadpages Account Subscription and Get Full Refund?

If you’re through using Leadpages, here’s a guide to knowing how you can cancel Leadpages account subscription in a couple of clicks and claim your money refund.

Leadpages has over 40,000 happy customers, who have turned their small businesses into dream websites.

No doubt Lead Pages has the capability to create any type landing page that converts. It also supports major email marketing tools to build your email list fast. Even these benefits, if you are unsatisfied with them, just cancel Leadpages account anytime.

But before I proceed, let me clear you, if you have any problem using their services, then please don’t hesitate to contact their support team. Or you can move your existing plan to another instead of cancelling your recurring subscription.

Well, that’s your own choice. Now, before I move to my main topic, “Leadpages account cancellation”, let’s what’s after the subscription deactivation.

What happens when you cancel your Lead Pages recurring subscription?

In meantime, your subscription is fully deactivated, you can still access your account and everything you built inside. And once the subscription is ended, your account will be temporarily closed, until you reactivate again.

And of course, you can export your HTML landing pages’ full HTML & email integration setups. Either you can host these pages on another server. But not sure, all integration functions will work smoothly. As it has been made only for Leadpages system.

So, now you are cleared, what’s going to happen, when you end up will Lead Pages right? Let’s start the cancellation.

How to cancel Leadpages account?

Step 1: The very first step is to login to your www.leadpages.com account.

Step 2: Now click on your profile icon showing in the top-right corner.

Step 3: Next, select Account Setting then Billing from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Click on the “Cancel Subscription” button, showing at the bottom of th3 subscription tab.

Step 5: Follow the further steps to complete account cancellation.
Congratulations, you have successfully unsubscribed from Leadpages account.

FAQs – Frequently asked questions

I already have main questions – answers page on Leadpages faq. Here, I will be adding some frequently asked questions (with answers) about account deactivation.

1. Can I reactivate my Leadpages account after it canceled?

Yes, you can re-activate your account at any time.

2. Am I eligible for a refund after cancellation?

Unfortunately, Leadpages doesn’t refund your money after the account is canceled. Another side, you can still your account until the subscription ends.

3. How do I contact Leadpages account cancellation department?

You can contact Leadpages customer support from your dashboard. For more details, I suggest you read our special tutorial on Lead Pages support.

Over to you

Undoubtedly, Leadpages is the most recommended landing page builder on the Internet. But if you are still unhappy with their services, follow our above guide to cancel Leadpages account anytime.

If you find this tutorial helpful, kindly spend your 10 seconds to share within your circle. Let me know if you need further information via the comments box. I would love to assist you.

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