When we plan to buy any product from the market or online, there is one biggest question is “what does it cost” & “how to get it at a maximum discount & benefits? “.

And, in the case of Thrive Themes membership products, the question is the same. Either you are going to buy Thrive Membership, Agency Membership or any other product from their website, knowing about Thrive Themes Pricing + discount code money-saving benefits like Black Friday sale & Cyber Monday deals 2023.

It helps you make the right decision, whether you should buy Thrive Membership right now or later at Thrive Themes Black Friday Cyber Monday sale 2023.

This is a little confusing as they offer a lot of quality products and their prices are depending on the plugin & numbers of sites to use the tool.

Let’s dive in.

What is Thrive Themes?

thrive themes

Thrive Themes is the most advanced yet simple to use WordPress Themes & Plugins bundle. It has been specifically built from the ground up to make your entire site convert your visitors into subscribers, customers & clients.

Take a look at their product highlights:

Thrive Themes Pricing 2023 – How Much Thrive Themes Membership cost?

Thrivethemes.com delivers 10 amazing WordPress tools (cool bonus, isn’t it?) and now it’s your choice to purchase their product at once with Thrive Membership on discount or choose separately.

​The following is the pricing list for each of the products if you decide to purchase separately:

Thrive Membership

thrive themes pricing

Thrive Architect

thrive architect pricing

Thrive Leads

thrive leads pricing

Thrive Headline Optimizer

thrive optimize pricing

Thrive Quiz Builder

thrive quiz builder pricing

Thrive Ultimatum

thrive ultimatum pricing

Thrive Ovation

thrive ovation pricing

Thrive Comments

thrive comments pricing

Thrive Clever Widgets

thrive clever widgets pricing

Thrive Apprentice

thrive apprentice pricing

Remember – If you want unlimited free support, you need to buy the membership instead of an individual product.

Thrive Themes Discount Code 2023 | Which Membership Should I Buy?

Confused with Thrive Themes Pricing to decide, “which to choose between Thrive Membership or Agency Membership for maximum benefits?“.

Well, there is only 2 difference between both subscriptions:

  • Thrive Membership is for individuals and entrepreneurs. It allows using Thrive products upto 25 websites at the cost of $19/monthly.
  • Agency Membership allows the use of products on upto 50 websites, either it’s your own or clients. This will cost you $49/monthly.

The above prices are possible only if you are paying annually, if not the cost will rise up to $30 and $69 per month respectively.

It’s my personal opinion when you buy the Membership then choose to pay yearly. Like this way, you can save flat 37% on Thrive Membership and upto 30% off buying Agency Membership. Thrive Themes Discount Code has been added to the link.

FAQs on Thrive Themes Membership Price

1. Is Thrive Themes free?

No, all the products on thrivethemes.com are premium but they offer 30 days money-back guarantee. That means, if you aren’t satisfied with them, just ask for a refund. They will deposit your money in 5 business days.

2. Should I buy Thrive Products All-in-once or separately?

If you need a bunch of plugins from thrivethemes.com, or for lots of websites then Thrive Membership is considered buying. Moreover, you can get up to 37% Thrive Themes discount benefit on annual payment.

3. Thrive Membership vs Agency Membership?

The difference between both of membership is 25 and 50 website usage. If you go Thrive Membership then it will cost you $19/monthly and Agency Membership will charge $49 per money (if you pay annually).

4. What about Thrive Themes Black Friday sale Cyber Monday deals in 2023?

Unfortunately, Thrive Themes doesn’t offer Black Friday Cyber Monday discount and seasonal sales benefits.

Final Thoughts About Thrive Themes Pricing and Membership Cost

Thrive Themes is all in one business toolbox on your WordPress site in 2023. It helps you design beautiful websites without writing a single line code.

So what are you waiting for? Claim Thrive Themes discount code to save money and skyrocket your online business to the top of success at first attempt.

Moreover, you are getting flat 30% off money-saving benefits on Thrive Membership. This is a limited time discount. So claim it now rather than regret later.

I hope this information post helped you clear all doubts about Thrive Themes Pricing. If you still got something missing, please don’t hesitate to drop a message in the comments box.