SBI Mobile Number Registration For Balance Enquiry & SMS Alerts [3 Easy Methods]

In this article, I will be teaching you how to do SBI mobile number registration for balance enquiry and SMS alerts.

Mobile banking has made out life easy and comfortable. It was past when we need to visit the bank to check your balance, but now the time has been changed because all banks like SBI offers mobile banking & net banking feature to customers to check the balance by sending a message to the bank from anywhere. But to avail this service your mobile number should be registered with SBI account.

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SBI Mobile Number Registration Process

SBI mobile number registration online process is so simple. Here we have explained briefly 3 working methods to help you. You can try anyone you like. But before starting makes sure the mobile number you are using for the register, should be added in State Bank records.

Method 1: How to register mobile number in SBI by SMS?

SBI mobile number registration by SMS is so simple. To register the need to type ‘REG Account Number‘ and you need to send this text message to 09223488888.

For example your account no. is 33249235373. Then type “REG 33249235373” and send it to 09223488888.

Once you send the message, you will receive a confirmation message about the same regarding successful activation. Now you can check the balance through SMS along with other alerts from the bank.

Method 2: SBI mobile number registration through ATM machine

Here are below steps to follow to register your mobile number by visiting an SBI ATM for balance query.

Step 1: Swipe your card in ATM machine and choose “Registration” option from the “Menu” section.

Step 2: Enter your “ATM PIN”.

Step 3: Select “Mobile Number Registration” option.

Step 4: Enter the mobile number you want to register along with your SBI account then hit the “Correct” option after you have entered the correct number.

Step 5: Again here, Re-enter your mobile number and select “Correct” option.

Step 6: A “Reference Number” will be sent to your mobile number via SMS.

Once you have done this, in a few moments, a message will appear on the ATM screen: “Thank you for registering your mobile number with us”.

You will also receive a call from the contact centre within 3 days for security. Just ask the call centre person to quote the reference number. Continue with the call only if it matches the reference number you received via SMS.

Once this is done, your SBI mobile number registration online process will be completed. They will also send you a confirmation SMS

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Method 3: SBI online mobile number registration by visiting branch

It is the last and most stable method to make SBI account mobile number registration through the bank branch.

You have to visit your bank branch with banking documents and ask the bank employee to register your mobile number with your account. They will provide you with a form for registration and just fill that you are done. Either you download SBI mobile number registration form online here too.

Download Form

SBI account balance enquiry by missed call and SMS

Once SBI mobile number registration process completes you can check your account balance by calling and through SMS.

To check the balance in your account by SMS type “BAL” and send it to 09223766666. In a few seconds, you will receive a text message with your updated balance in an account.

In order to do balance enquiry by calling just give a missed call on 09223766666. The call will get disconnected after one ring and then you will receive a text SMS with your account balance details. You can also watch below Youtube video for balance enquiry.

In case you are unable to register or you are unable to check the balance, follow the steps mentioned below:

Note: If you follow the above methods correctly but still not able to avail of this service, then you may need to your SBI branch and ask the executives to the issue.

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