SBI Mobile Number Change Request Letter And Form

SBI Mobile Number Registration letter is a form is used to update your registered phone number with the bank account. Though you can do the same task from SBI ATM machine. But updating right from the bank is a secure method.

The mobile number should be always registered with the bank account. That must be your regular number so all the information and account information reaches to you on the right time. For example, if you ever make any transactions using the SBI internet banking or ATM card then you will receive OTP and confirmation SMS notification on your registered mobile number.

Morever, you even can’t activate Internet banking or SBI Anywhere App without registering mobile number with State Bank of India bank account.

Why mobile number registration is required in banking?

There are many moments when you will ask or need a mobile number to do banking tasks listed below:

  1. If you ever lose your ATM card somewhere and it goes into the wrong hand. And if that person makes any unauthorized transactions then you will immediately receive an SMS notification on the registered mobile number.
  2. If ever you receive the notification of such unauthorized transaction you can block the ATM card to avoid further unauthorized transactions by calling SBI customer care number.
  3. For banking related information and complaints, no need to visit the branch, thus you can directly call customer care and get solutions.
  4. You will be receiving all debit/credit transactions details through SMS immediately. If ever, bank contact you, can call directly over phone calling.

So, now you understand, how important is to update registered mobile number in SBI.

You can follow this sample letter format to write the application to bank manager to change the registered mobile number. But you need to make the changes to the format according to your needs.

SBI Mobile Number Change Form Format Letter

Below screenshot is the letter format used to update or change registered mobile number with SBI account, which you need to address to the bank manager.

Branch Manager,
State Bank of India,
Complete Branch Postal Address

Subject: Application for Mobile Number Change

Respected Sir,

I am Mr. Amrit Sharma, residing at #246 Angol, Belagavi, Karnataka. I have a savings bank account with your branch of State Bank of India from quite many months now. The bank account number is xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.

The reason why today I am writing this letter to you because I have changed my primary mobile number. Previously when I had opened the bank account the mobile number which was registered was +91 1234512345.

And my new primary mobile number is +91 5432154321. I want the same changes to be reflected in the bank records. I am no longer receiving the transactions notifications because I am not using the previous mobile number.

So I request you to change the registered mobile number with my SBI bank account to make my banking experience smoothly. I have enclosed the required identity proof documents with this application letter.

Thanking You,

Your Faithfully,

(Your Name, Signature, and Date)

Here you have to fill your name, address, previous and new mobile number and account number etc.

Last words:

This is the SBI mobile number change form format letter. Download it from the above download button.

If you face a difficulty or problem regarding the SBI mobile number change then you can comment down below.

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