How To Play Chess On Messenger – Fbchess Command Game Trick 2017

Do you ever know, you can play chess game on Fb messenger with your friends absolutely free?

Recently I got in knowledge about facebook hidden game in messenger, which can be started easily by sending a text to your contacts. Many out of might know this trick already but I bet their many facebook users doesn’t even hear about it.

Here if you are also the person, had ever known about playing chess on Facebook then this article read till end. The @fbchess commands list am going to share with you, will be surprised you.

What Is @Fbchess?

FbChess is one of the hidden game in messenger that can be started with @fbchess command. There also many other working commands included for moves, undo, accept rules in chess game.

An interesting fact about fbchess game is that you can play it in group chat. Where 2 users will play role as players and rest of enjoy game as audiences.

Many people love to play chess game. I admit Indian population doesn’t have interest in this, but if we talk about USA, Canada or UK etc. countries, chess is most popular game as many people like to play with.

If you also love to play chess with your Facebook friends then it’s all free of cost. That means you even don’t need to pay even a penny to start fbchess hidden game in messenger.

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How To  Start Playing FBCHESS (Chess) In Facebook Messenger?

Step 1:- Open your facebook messenger.

Step 2:- Select a friend with you to want to play or start chess game.

Step 3:- Once chat box appears on screen, type @fbchess (It’s a game command), then press send.

Surprise:- The chess board will be loaded in your Fb messenger conservation. As same like below image.

@FbChess Rules In Facebook Messenger – Commands Help

Fbchess is not an ordinary chess board working in messenger, as you can’t make move pieces like mobile touch or computer mouse. It’s because the chess board loads in messenger just like an image, that doesn’t support responsive format.

So now the question is how to make moves….? Suppose if you want to move Bishop.

Then the question arises in your mind how to move bishop in fbchess game.But don’t worry here I am going to share with a complete list of @fbchess commands that will solve all questions related to chess game in messenger.

But don’t worry here I am going to share to a complete list of @fbchess commands that will solve all questions related to chess game in messenger.

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@FbChess Commands

1. To start game with your friend type command: @fbchess play

2. To select yfavoriterite color use command: @fbchess play <color name>

For Example:

For white color use command: @fbchess play white

For black color use command: @fbchess play black

3. To start chess game with any member (opponent) in messenger group chat use command: @fbchess play white <player name>

For Example:

To start with Harpreet Kumar by selecting white color use command: @fbchess play white Harpreet Kumar

To play with Happy Kumar in black color pieces use command: @fbchess play black Happy Kumar

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Making The Moves

1. To make a move instantly, use this command: @fbchess <target location>


To move to block a3, use this command: @fbchess a3

To move to block b5, use this command: @fbchess b5

2. To specify which type of piece to move to a specific location, just use the following command: @fbchess <first letter of the piece><target location>

Here are the first letters to be used:

  1. King: K
  2. Queen: Q
  3. Rook: R
  4. Bishop: B
  5. Knight: N
  6. Pawn: P

Note : For Knight, the first letter of the piece is ‘N’ and NOT ‘K’ as K stands for King.


To move Pawn to a5, use this command: @fbchess Pa5

To move Knight to f3, use this command: @fbchess Nf3

3. Now there are 8 Pawns and two each of Bishops, Rooks, and Knights. To specify exactly which piece to move, use this command: @fbchess <first letter of the piece><rank or file of the piece><target location>


To move the Knight from file b to d2, use this command: @fbchess Nbd2

To move the Bishop from rank 8 to f5, use this command: @fbchess B8f5

  1. To Take on Opponent’s piece, use this command: @fbchess <first letter of the piece><rank or file of the piece>x<target location>


To take on c5 with Bishop of rank 2, use this command: @fbchess B2xc5

To take on b2 with Rook of file h, use this command: @fbchess Rhxb2

  1. To promote a pawn to your desired piece, use this command: @fbchess <location of the pawn>=<First letter of the promoted piece>


To promote Pawn at location e8 to queen, use this command: @fbchess e8=Q

  1. To castle king towards left or right, use this command: @fbchess 0-0-0 or @fbchess O-O

In Between Game:

  1. To show the current position of the game, use this command: @fbchess show
  2. To display the stats between current players inside a group, use this command: @fbchess stats

Ending the Game

  1. To Claim a Draw, use this command: @fbchess draw claim
  2. To Offer a draw in the current position, use this command: @fbchess draw offer
  3. To Offer an undo of the last move, use this command: @fbchess undo
  4. To Resign, use this command: @fbchess resign

Continue Matches

  1. To Continue a game instantly, use this command: @fbchess continue
  2. To Continue a game from 1:1 conversation, use this command: @fbchess continue with <friend name>
  3. To Continue a game from group chat, use this command: @fbchess continue from <thread name>

Try all above command rules to play chess on messenger.

I hope this article should be useful for you. If in case, from above list any command not working, feel free to comment below. Please do share this article on social media with your friends to explore this game everywhere.

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