PDF Full Form – What is the Full Form of PDF?

In this guide of PDF full form, I will be giving you the answers about the full form of PDF, it’s pros. & cons. of using it.

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What is the full form of PDF?

The word PDF stands for Portable Document File. It is a file format, has the capability to print all documents into an electric image. In short, this format used to present documents in a special manner.

PDF was developed in early 1990 to by Adobe Systems. It is independent of application software, hardware and operating system, called machine independent.

Earlier Portable Document File (full form of PDF) was a lengthy name and later it was shortened to PDF word.

What’s the use of PDF?

PDF is very useful for sharing multiple documents into a single file. Didn’t get my point?

Suppose, if have couples of images and text files, that you want to share with your friends or family members online. Then you have to pick one my one to share with multiple people.

If you choose to send through email, you still need to ask everyone emails to share with them. Do you have an idea, how much time it will take to accomplish the task?

This time PDF gives you the flexibility to collect all text and images files into a single file so you can share with them in a click.

Either you can upload your PDF to Google Drive App. It allows sharing uploaded file’s links with anyone on the internet.

Pros. & Cons. of using PDF files


  1. This file format is absolutely free to use.
  2. PDF is a file type that can easily access from mobile and computers.
  3. You can read a PDF file just by the use of free tools like Adobe Acrobat reader.
  4. The PDF print out, an electric signature is quite easy.
  5. There are hundreds of online tools allows compressing a bigger size PDF into a small file.


  1. In most cases, you can’t edit PDF files.
  2. Must need a PDF reader in the device to read or view the file.

Bottom Line

I think this guide covered the query PDF full form and it’s advantages and disadvantages of using. If you like the article, please share it on your social networking circle.

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