OceanWP Child Theme Download – Free Generator Master & Installing Guide Added

Looking for OceanWP child theme generator master to get theme download and install on your WordPress site for free?

If said yes, here is every we covered about, including:

  • What is OceanWP child theme & when you need it?
  • How to create or generate the child theme from Github?
  • How to download child theme and install it on WordPress?

So get all the above answers, keep reading this article to become a pro master using a child theme with OceanWP WordPress theme.

What is OceanWP child theme & when you need it?

A child theme is a blank theme helps you keep safe your additional added codes into functional.php and style.css files at the time of the core theme update.

Little confusing? Don’t worry and keep reading for a better understanding.

WordPress is open-source software that removes all the existing files of theme and plugin and replaces it with the new version at the time of the update.

That means, whenever you update WordPress theme or plugin, your manually added codes also will be removed automatically.

But with the help of OceanWP child theme, you can place your additional codes (functions.php & style.css) into the blank theme, instead of the parent theme.

So whenever an update will come, there is no risk of losing existing data from your OceanWP core theme, as it has been added to the child theme.

Tip: If you are using OceanWP free version then, I suggest you once go through there premium extensions bundle. This worth money investing.

Unbelievable advantages of using a child theme with Ocean WP

Using a blank theme with core version, bring a lot of advantages. And in the case of OceanWP, below are some benefits:

  • Manual modifications are always safe while theme updating
  • Allows adding PHP & CSS codes manually into functions.php & style.css folders respectively
  • Fully compatible with OceanWP free and premium theme

OceanWP child theme master generator guide

Now the question is, how and from where to create this theme for free? The answer is github.com because there is not an official copy provided by oceanwp.org.

So let’s get started the guide step by step:

The very first step is to visit github.com page.

Tap the mouse pointer on the green button saying, “Clone or Download”. & then click on Download ZIP (this link contains a 34.8KB file with name ocean wp child theme master).

github oceanwp child theme

In a few moments, the .zip file will be stored into on your computer desktop storage. So learning, how to start using it on on your WordPress site.

How to install and activate the child theme for OceanWP?

Remember, using OceanWP child theme requires the parent theme to be installed on your WordPress site. If you haven’t yet, click here to download it for free.

Step 1: First of all, login yo your WordPress admin area and click on Appearance >> Themes >> Add New >> Upload Theme.

Step 2: Upload the downloaded Ocean WP child theme master .zip file from your computer then click on the Install >> Activate button.

Once the child theme is activated on your site, you can start editing it’s:

  • functions.php – is for add extra functions into the theme.
  • style.css – is for changing theme styles with CSS codes.

FAQs about OceanWP child theme master generator

1. Is child theme for OceanWP support with the free or paid version?

Hopefully, the child theme works with both version of OceanWP, either you are using a free theme or paid extensions.

2. Is downloading the blank theme from Github is safe?

Yes, Github is a trusted website on the Internet and you can use their product at no risk.

3. Is it compatible with Elementor or Beaver Builder WordPress plugin?

Yes, it’s comparable with both of these popular page builders.

Bottom lines

Using a child theme with OceanWP WordPress theme, add a security layer on your extra work with functions.php & style.css files.

2nd, creating and using the OceanWP child theme is 100% free. So, I suggest you make use of it so keep your codes safe from theme updates.

So, if there is anything that you need to know about this tutorial, please don’t hesitate to contact me in the comments below. I will be happy to help you out.

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