All MTK Engineering Mode Code For Android Phones [A2Z List]

Knowing the mtk engineering mode code for Android phone is a very important thing for Android users. It is an automatic system that controls everything inside your mobile. All we can say it is the main dacentreter in the smartphone.

Honesty, knowledge about mtk engineering mode codes is good for developers to keep mobile safe and clean. If your unaware of this tool. Then keep reading this post to know what is engineering mode and how you can find it on your smartphone.

Before we start let’s read some lines about engineering mode.

What is mtk engineering mode code for Android phone?

In simple lines, mtk engineering mode is like a secret code of Android phone. It provides all information about your phone like sim information, battery information, Wi-Fi information and much more.

It can be counted as a rooted mode for Android mobile, running inside sometimes for its accurateness check

But the bad part is, it’s not available on every android. Without Engineering mode, 90% chances device will not support reset feature.

Code to use mtk engineering mode: *#*#4636#*#*

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This engineering mode code for Android works pretty much on my device. If this doesn’t work on your phone then you might try from the following list.

MTK Engineering Mode Code For Android mobile list 2018

Go to your phone dialer and type any of these codes;

Engineer mode for Android devices
Huge list of developer options for testing touch, GPS, wifi, display, sim information etc. *#*#3646633#*#*

Samsung Logo
“Registers” your phone and make the boot logo the original Samsung.

Testing Menu
Various testing options

Google Talk Service Monitor
Complete monitor For Google Talk.

Reset Sim
This was a SIM reset on the 77.

Language And Input
Language and Keyboard settings

If in case, above code does not work on your android phone then you can install Google play store official MTK app to your engineering mode code for your android mobile.

Above, I have shared most used engineering mode code for Android device. If I missed any, please let me know in comments. I will update this post.

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