MilesWeb Review 2022: Leading VPS Hosting Provider in India

Milesweb – A one web hosting solution for those who are really serious in online business.

All the Web developers and bloggers out there know the hassle of using a common server with shared resources. At times you even think of compromising on your resource utilization.

Why? Because you may not afford to get a dedicated server. After all your ROI matters!

For the small size business, it becomes a bit tedious to host multiple sites on a single server. And for medium to large size companies, it becomes difficult to maintain the security issues on the single server.

Here the real struggle starts for the perfect business ideas. You want the security, the fast loading speed for your website and also to use the resources to it’s fullest that too with a minimum cost!

With all such want,s you come up with questions like:

What should I look for? Yes, It’s VPS.

And where can I get it? Yes, It’s MilesWeb.

Let’s find out what VPS means

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is basically a combination of shared and dedicated hosting. VPS hosting consists of virtual servers, so each account gets their private server but in the shared environment. Now without spending more on a dedicated server, you have a server which acts like a dedicated server.

Unlike shared hosting where you need to share your resources and thus you are always worried about the security issue now you function in a more comfortable way.

Now you may think why am I suggesting you MilesWeb over another hosting provider companies?

Your thought is natural. Because there is not one but many reasons to choose MilesWeb. Their VPS hosting is fully managed by DigitalOcean.

The honest MilesWeb Review

Moto of MilesWeb ‘Your Hosting, Our Responsibility’ says it all. Being a #1 web hosting company in India from 2012 MilesWeb never fails to satisfy its customers hosting needs.

A talented team of experts in Linux and Windows administrators are always present to help you. You can rely on them for any type of hosting such as Dedicated, VPS, Cloud WordPress and more.

Best of VPS Hosting services by MilesWeb

MilesWeb believes in offering managed Linux VPS and Windows VPS hosting which is based on KVM hypervisor technology and built-in SSD storage.

KVM stands for Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) is an open source virtualization infrastructure for the Linux Kernel that turns it into a hypervisor. MilesWeb offers KVM technology with Linux and Windows hosting plans.

Benefits of choosing MilesWeb’s VPS Hosting services

1) Solid-State Drives (SSD): Solid-State Drives are built using flash technology that helps to improve the load speed for your webpage. SSD gives you fast speed and durability.

2) SSH and Root Access: You can have complete control over your VPS environment by using SSH and Root Access.

3) Free VPS Management: After deploying your server, MilesWeb optimizes and manages the complete VPS server for you without demanding any additional charges.

4) Resource Monitoring Dashboard: The simple and user-friendly dashboard enables you to reboot VPS, monitor memory usage, server load and allows managing other configurations of your VPS server.

5) Global Datacenters: Datacenter location helps you for best network connectivity, uptime and security of your website.
Choose from the nearest datacenters located in UK, India, US, Canada, Germany, Netherlands and Singapore.

6) Free VPS migration: You can migrate your server from an existing provider to MilesWeb at free of cost.

7) Host Multiple sites: MilesWeb allows you to host multiple sites using a single VPS account.

8) Instant Provisioning: No more waiting for the VPS hosting to get deployed. MilesWeb gives you the fast VPS hosting once the order is completed.

9) Free Setup: No setup fees required as all the VPS hosting servers are deployed automatically.

10) Robust Infrastructure: All VPS hosting infrastructure is built in collaborating with leaders like Cisco, Dell, HP, and Supermico.

11) Instant Upgrade: You can easily upgrade for resources like RAM, SSD storage or CPU in a few clicks.

12) Cloud Infrastructure: For better performance and reliability all VPS hosting plans are deployed on 100% cloud infrastructure.

Linux VPS Servers plans and pricing

To get through other VPS plans visit MilesWeb

Benefits of choosing MilesWeb’s Windows Hosting services

1) Amazon Cloud Platform: All Windows VPS hosting is brought into better action on Amazon Cloud

2) 100% Dedicated Resources: The allotted memory, CPU and storage space is not shared with other users.

3) Full Administrator Access: You can host multiple websites and can install other software the control is given to you.
4) Plesk Control Panel: To manage multiple websites, emails and databases you have the option to buy Plesk control panel.

5) Latest Technologies: All Windows VPS has pre-installed IIS, ASP.Net, PHP, FrontPage Extensions. MilesWeb also offers database support and monitoring for MySQL and MS SQL.

6) Easy VPS Upgrades: Without changing IP address you can easily upgrade your VPS plans.

7) Affordable Price: Windows VPS hosting plans are affordable and ideal for the webmasters who need full administrative access over the website.

8) Powerful Hardware: The best hardware ensures the best performance and reliability of your Windows VPS hosting.

Additional features of MilesWeb

1) Choose your Operating System: Select the operating system of your choice from CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Suse, Fedora.

2) Choice of Control Panel: cPanel and Plesk are the market leaders in control panels. To choose from them is your choice.

Star pointers of MilesWeb:

  • 247/365 days Support: You can contact MilesWeb experts via call, live chat, email, and phone anytime you want. Shoot the technical queries and get your problem solved.
  • 99.95% Uptime: In today’s competitive world you cannot afford to let your website down even for a few seconds.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee: MilesWeb looks for customer satisfaction. So if you are not 100% satisfied with them ofcourse you can ask for a refund within 30 days of the service purchased.


MilesWeb is a reliable VPS hosting provider. With the affordable plans and excellent support, you can always remain ahead of everyone in the online world.

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