How To Set An Alarm on MAC [The Hack You Can’t Miss]

Do you know, how to set an alarm on Mac device in simple steps?

Most of people says yes, but setting up an alram on a MacBook will be technical when you are just stared using it. Because it’s not as easy as do with smart phone.

Smart phones come with an inbuilt Clock app that allows you to set recurring alarms but Mac does not.

On a MacBook, it’s not as easy, but by using third party apps like Calender, you can easily setup alarm by following few easy steps.

In addition, Calender software provides a snooze feature, in which the alram repeats, delayed by 15 minutes.

How To Set An Alarm on MAC Book?

To setup an alarm on Mac device follow below 15 steps. I have added screenshot to make these process easy. Let’s get started.

1 Click on the Gray Rocketship icon called Launchpad app.

2 Now click on the Calendar app.

3 Click the “Day” tab which you can find at top of the Calendar window and then click a day from the monthly overview on place on right column. (Note:- The current day will be selected by default).

4 Right-click the page on the left to select the date.

5 On this window, click on New Event, which is located in the popup menu when you right-click.

6 Set up a name for the event.

7 Click on the section with the date and time.

8 Type the sefecific time you want the alarm to go off.

9 Click the drop-down menu next to “Alert” Section. Default value is “None”.

10 Select “Custom” in the drop-down menu.

11 Click on the “Message” drop-down menu located at the top of the popup.

12 Select “Message with sound” locating at the top of the popup.

13 Click the drop-down menu with the speaker icon.

14 Select a tone you wan to set for alarm.

15 Finally, click OK.

Congratulations your alarm is set now and will eing the time and date you added.

If you face any problem, kindly let me know via comments.

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