How To Change Address In SBI Account Online From Home?

Are you looking for a smart way to change address in SBI account online? Then there is the step by step guide to update your residential address registered in State Bank of India account.

In case of you transferring to another city then your present address will be no means. Thus you may need to update your home address in the bank as per bank records.

If you don’t, the bank will unable to contact in case of any enquiry. Hence they may close your account too

So in order to keep up to date with the banking facility, you should change your communication address in SBI. For that purpose, you can follow few steps listed below.

Easy steps to change address in SBI bank account

Important Note: Recently State Bank of India has changed its policies. According to that, for security reasons, there is no way to change address in SBI online now. Even you have SBI online net banking facility. So now you have to visit your home branch with valid KYC documents to change your present address to new communication address. In order to do that, follow the below steps:

Step #1: Visit your bank branch by carrying documents for identification, New address proof as well as your bank passbook. (Note:- Don’t forget to bring all required documents original as well as a photocopy)

Step 2: As the bank, employee to provide you Address Updating Form.

Step 3: Fill the required details along with old address as printed in the passbook inform without any errors and also attach the photocopies of the KYC documents.

Step 4: Now submit the form to SBI employee. They will check up your documents and proceed soon.

SBI home address change process takes 2-3 working days. Once done, you will be updated by SMS. If you have registered mobile number with SBI, otherwise can activate it in 2 minutes by following our guide here.

Once you receive the notification about successful update of the address. You have to visit the branch once again and request at the Help Desk to provide you with a passbook with a new home address.

Like this way, you can change the address in SBI bank account. Do you have any questions regarding this guide? Please let me know through the comments section below.

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