How To Add People On WhatsApp From Any Country Using Android/ISO Mobile

This knowledge-based article will show you, how to add people on Whatsapp Messenger from any country like India, US, UK, Poland, Thailand or other countries.

Whatsapp is one of the most popular cross messaging app around the world. It allows users to make free voice and video calls in quality.

I have been using this app for 6 years and will share with you the exact way to add contacts or someone on WhatsApp chat and group from other countries.

It’s very easy to add people on Whatsapp chat, but for beginners, it might be quite difficult. For example, they may have questions in mind, how to add international people on Whatsapp from the phone number.

If you also a newbie and having doubt, how to add someone on WhatsApp then this article is right for you. This guide helpful for both Android and ISO smartphone users.

How to Add People on WhatsApp from other countries?

There are two ways to add people to a chat room on WhatsApp Messenger, by adding a new contact in WhatsApp or directly add a someone contact number to your phone’s address book.

Once you added a new contact, WhatsApp will automatically detect which of your phone contacts are using WhatsApp app and display the contacts after you refresh the contact list.

Add someone directly to WhatsApp

Step 1: Open WhatsApp Messenger on your Samsung Galaxy/LG/HTC/Nexus/Huawei/Others. (I have been using Samsung Galaxy S8 to take a screenshot here).

Step 2: Tap “Chats” > “new chat” icon > “Create New Contact“.

Step 3: Type new contact’s name, phone number (including country code) etc. and click “Save” button. (The contact will be also saved to your mobile’s address book).

Step 4: Now back to WhatsApp and wait a while for WhatsApp to refresh the contact list.

Note: Make sure the contact you added, is also using WhatsApp. Otherwise, the contact won’t display on your WhatsApp friends list.

Add a new contact using phone’s address book

Step 1: Go to default Contacts app on your mobile and tap to Face+ icon.

Step 2: Type Contact Name, Phone Number (Including +Sign & Country Code) and Click on Save.

Step 3: Now open WhatsApp.

Step 4: Tap on “Chats” > “Menu” > “Refresh“.

Just in seconds, your Whatsapp contacts list will be updated. (Different phones will be the different appearance to add contacts in the address book).

Why are my contacts not showing on WhatsApp?

Sometimes it happens that Whatsapp doesn’t update new people on contacts list. It is because adding someone from another country is totally different from adding a local number on WhatsApp.

To add an international phone number, you need to add it in the international format using country code starting with a plus icon +, then followed by country code, and finally the full phone number.

For example, to save a United States number 123-4567 in area code 408 in international format, it will be +14081234567. (1 is the country code).

I hope, this article has covered all the desired information about, how to add a contact or people on Whatsapp Messenger from other countries.

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