How Do I Submit My URL To Google : 2 Most Used Ways

Getting late indexing your new updates by Google search engine? Then we highly recommend you to manually submitting your website pages to the search engines as I do submit my URL to Google.

Here is the brutal truth, that search engines don’t give the guarantee of ranking your page because you have manually submitted it. It is a useful tool that we use to let Google know that we have new information to share with their readers.

Submitting your website in Google webmaster tools is just not enough to get indexed faster. Their reason behind it has millions of users already. So whenever you update a new post on your website, it takes  2 or 3 weeks to get indexed by search engine bots.

But don’t worry, there are another 2 ways to submit URL to Google that will quickly index your new articles just in seconds. It’s the safest technique as I also use for my all blogs for a long time.

2 Verified tricks that I use to submit my URL to Google

1) Fetch as Google

Fetch as Google is a free tool that use to submit my URL to Google instantly. Here is a quick guide to using Fetch As Google tool.

Step 1: Visit Google Webmaster Tools

Note: If you haven’t verified your website with Google Webmaster Tools yet, read our complete guide to submitting your site in Google search console.

Step 2: From Google Webmaster Tools home screen, select your preferred domain name, expand the Crawl menu, and then click Fetch as Google link.

Step 3: On this window enter your web page or blog URL into the input field without domain name, and click the Fetch button.

Step 4: Make sure that the Fetch Status was successful. If Googlebot can successfully fetch your page, you can submit that page to the Google index. Just click the Request Indexing button.

Note: You can submit either the URL itself (limit of 500 URLs per week per Webmaster Tools account) or the URL and all pages linked from it (limit of 10 per month per Webmaster Tools account).

  1. URL: Select if your page is new or has been recently updated. But keep in mind Google doesn’t guarantee to index all submitted URLs to you.
  2. URL and all linked pages: Select if your site has changed significantly. Google will use this URL as a starting point in indexing your site content. Here again, Google doesn’t guarantee to index all pages on your site.

2) Submit URL to Google by SERPs

This is the quickest way to submit your blog post links in Google search engine result pages.

Note: Make sure you have login with your Gmail account otherwise you can’t use this trick.

Step 1: Google to Google homepage.

Step 2: Search Submit URL To Google in the search box.

Step 3: A link submission box will be appeared top of SERPs. Here you have to follow these steps.

  1. Add the complete URL (including domain name) that you want to index.
  2. Tick on I Am Not A Robot.
  3. Click on Submit button.

This is all methods I use to submit my URL to Google. You can try one out these methods, as using both are not important for quick indexing.

I hope this post really helps you to get fast indexed new URLs in Google results. If you have queries about this post, feel free to ask in comments.

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