How To Create A Blog On WordPress For Free Step By Step Guide

World’s 27% websites are made on WordPress platform. If you’re wondering how to create a blog on WordPress for free then I can understand there are some common questions might be arise in your mind. For example.

How to start a WordPress blog for free?

How to use wordpress to create a free website?

Am I eligible create my own blog free of cost?

Also, many other questions that is always running on beginners mind. If you are also on same track and want to learn WordPress step by step then today you are on right place.

Read this post to start blogging with WordPress, I bet here all of your confusions will be getting solved.

In past, we have already discussed to create a blog on google blogger for free. Today I will teach you how to create a blog on WordPress for free with step by step guide.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a popular blogging platform that having used by two types, Free and paid.

Free one can be accessed via visited and other side URL is used for paid blogging services.

To know more, read our article differences between wordpress Com vs. Org.

How To Create A Blog On WordPress For Free Step By Step Guide

Here I will share information about how you can create a free blog on

Step 1

1) Go to official site.

2) Click on “Create Blog”.

3) Here you will have to choose your website style. For example, to create a personal website select “A List Of My Latest Posts”.

Step 2

1) Now you have to select your blog theme. That you can choose according to your choice.

Step 3

1) In this step, you will have to choose your domain name

2) To get free blog domain name, keep attached with your domain. For example

3) Select free domain as you can see in above image.

Step 4

1) Select “Free Plan”.

Step 5

Here you have to fill form showing in below image.

1) Write your email address that you want to use to create your free blog on WordPress

2) Select your Username.

3) Write High-security password for high security.

4) In the last click on” Create My Account”.

Finally, you have successfully created a free website on WordPress. You can also get an email to activate your blog that you used for sign up in step 5.

I hope that you found our tutorial on how to create a blog on WordPress for free to be helpful. To learn more you can read our wordpress tutorials that might you improve knowledge in blogging. Also, don’t forget to subscribe our email newsletter to get latest updates from HarpreetKumar.Com. For any further enquiries feel free to ask in comments below.

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