CIF NUMBER SBI – 7 Methods to Find/Get State Bank of India CIF Code

Are you are finding online and offline methods to get CIF number of SBI bank?

If yes, then here is the best answer, But before, I come to the main topic. I want to sure, do you know what is CIF number full form meaning exactly.

Well if you know that’s ok, but if you don’t, then let’s take a quick introduction about CIF code

What is CIF full form in banking?

CIF full form is Customer Information File. It is a virtual text file that contains personal and contact information. Every customer account in SBI comes with unique CIF number. Also, you can read more about it here.

What is CIF number in banking? [Meaning & importance]

  1. The CIF number is a unique code for each customer that represents that complete account information like account number, Adhaar card no., ATM card information etc.
  2. It is a virtual text file containing all the important banking details of the account holder.
  3. No matter, how many accounts you have with the bank. All those can be accessed with a single CIF number. Because as per RBI guidelines bank allows single CIF no. to one customer even he has multiple accounts in the bank.
  4. It is decoded system to keep all your KYC details like identity details, address details, and a photo, loans, demat, etc. details.
  5. Hence, it also helps the bank to view all your accounts’ information easily in one place.

Each bank has its own unique CIF Numbering system to control customer accounts so this is possible that all banks have different CIF codes listings listed below.

  • SBI has 11-digit
  • HDFC has 8-digit
  • Central Bank of India has 10-digit
  • Axis Bank has 4-digits

As you can see in the above list, in SBI bank there is 11 digits code that represents customer information file no. That what will learn to find this SBI CIF number online and offline in this post.

How to Find CIF number in SBI bank?

There are many other ways to get CIF number of SBI bank e.g. through Passbook, bank chequebook, Internet banking, SBI Anywhere App, by SMS service etc. All those methods, I have shared below.

Method 1: Using Passbook [Offline Methhod]

Every account holder having a Passbook, whenever he/she opens an account in SBI bank. It a type of book, where all the essential information about the customer’s account and balance statements recorded.

If you have an account in State Bank of India bank then they have provided you with a Password. Below is the screenshot of my Passbook that looks like.

So, in order to know your SBI CIF number from Passbook, just open it and you can know your CIF number printed on the first page of Passbook along with other account details. Here is the screenshot marked with a box.

Method 2: Find SBI CIF number through Cheque Book

Another easy method to find SBI CIF number without passbook is through bank chequebook.

A cheque is a document that orders a bank to pay a specific amount of money from a person’s account to the person in whose name the cheque has been issued.

Perhaps, you can find customer information file number on the first page along with other account information.

Note: In modern banking Cheque books you may not find your CIF code. If ever that happens, try to follow the below methods.

Methods 3: Using State Bank Anywhere App

SBI Anywhere app is the best mobile banking app developed by State Bank of India. To use this app you must have activated SBI net banking service, if you didn’t yet, register now.

Once you have Internet banking facility, click below button to download SBI anywhere app for your Android, ISO & Windows phone.

Download App

Now let me assume you have already downloaded and installed the app on your phone to proceed further.

Step 1: Open Anywhere App and login with SBI net banking username and password.

Step 2: Now tap on Services then Online Nomination.

Step 3: Now select Transaction Account and your Account Number.

Here, is your SBI CIF number printed along with other account details like IFSC code, name, address etc.

Method 4: Find the customer information file number using internet banking

Internet banking is the most used method to know SBI CIF number. For that purpose, you must have a net banking facility.

If not, you can access our depth guide to activate your net banking in State Bank of India.

Once you activated, let’s start the method to find SBI CIF number online using State Bank of India Internet banking facility.

Step 1: Go to SBI login page and sign in with your username and password using PC or mobile browser.

Step 2: Once logged in, click on Nomination View then PAN Details.

Step 3: Here, you can see your CIF Number along with your other account details.

In this way, you can find your SBI CIF number online through net banking facility

Method 5: View in E-statement

If you don’t have net banking facility but your email address is registered with your SBU account then you can request for e-statement using SMS. So there you can find your CIF number also.

You just need to send an SMS from your registered mobile number to receive e-statement. For additional information, read below step by step guide:

After receiving e-Statement just open PDF file got into your registered email ID. where you can view your CIF number as you can see below screenshot

Method 6: Get it by visiting your bank branch [Offline Methhod]

You can also get SBI CIF number by visiting your home branch. This is one of the best offline methods

In this method, you only need to bring your Passbook to provide your account details to the bank employee for account confirmation. Once the employee identity your identity will provide your CIF immediately.

Method 7: Get SBI CIF Number by sms

Some account holder finding the way to know CIF number of SBI by sending SMS to customer care. But, I am sorry to say, there is on any services to find CIF code through sms

But you can call the SBI customer care toll free number: 18004253800 anytime and ask the customer executives to provide your customer information file number. Perhaps you can also note State Bank customer care numbers list to avail best banking facilities by calling facilities.

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