Do you want to cancel Thrive Themes Membership subscription? If said yes, this Thrive account cancellation guide is exclusively written for you.

So, let’s get started our guide with a product introduction.

Thrive Themes Membership review 2024

I have come to know of Thrive Themes in 2018 and purchased Thrive Architect in November 2019; during the Black Friday sale then start using it on WP Theme Checker.

thrive themes membership

As a matter of real fact, Now I can’t imagine my article is good looking without using Thrive Content builder even though I’ve used every single one of them at some stage or another.

If you’re not familiar with the company, then here’s a short description: Thrive Themes was founded in 2013 marketing expert Shane Melaugh and tech fanatic Paul McCarthy.

Thrive Themes is an all-in-one toolbox of conversion-focused WordPress themes and plugins. It lets you build a website from nothing and start converting visitors into subscribers and then customers.

Here’s the list of Thrive Thrive products.

What Happens When You Cancel Thrive Suite (Membership)?

Here’s a summary of what happens after you cancel Thrive Themes membership.

This is What happens after your subscription canceled:

  • Regular access for the paid period: You will get unlimited use to your membership account for the paid period.

This is what happens after your subscription canceled:

  • No support: You will not get free tech support for fixing minor problems like Thrive Architect, not loading or working etc.
  • Unable to download the Product Manager: Once the paid period ends, you will no longer be able to download the Product Manager plugin to install on new your WordPress site.
  • Product Manager will stop working: Thrive Product Manager will be unable to install and activate any product from the Membership.
  • Lifetime plugin updates: Each plugin will get unlimited future updates (via WordPress dashboard), either you are a paid customer or not.
  • The site wouldn’t break: Your site layouts will remain the same. That means your content built with Thrive Products is not going to change.

Even after your subscription is ended, you can log in to your account see what’s inside.

So, now you are cleared, what will happen when you end up with Thrive Themes Membership, right?

Let’s move to the next step.

Will You Get A Full Money Refund After Account Cancellation?

In the meantime, each premium customer is protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can ask for a refund within 30 days of the purchase date.

Their team will shut down your account immediately and proceed to refund your money via PayPal in the next few days.

You should keep in mind that recurring payments are not refundable, which means you are not eligible for a money-back guarantee after 30 days gone.

Also, you have to remove Thrive plugins from all of WordPress sites; you are currently using.

So, this is the exact way to cancel Thrive Themes Membership and get a full refund.

Finally, let’s move to the cancellation guide.

How To Unsubscribe or Cancel Thrive Themes Membership (Suite) Subscription?

Congratulations, you have successfully unsubscribed from Thrive subscription.

Step 1: The very 1st step is to login to your Thrive Support Staff.

thrive support

Step 2: Now login to the Support Portal with your username and password.

thrive themes support portal

Step 3: After you are logged in, ask for customer support to cancel your Thrive Themes Membership subscription.

cancel thrive themes membership

Account cancelation may take 24hours to be successful. See the official statement in the screenshot below.

Congratulations, you have successfully unsubscribed from Thrive subscription.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Suestions

Below are some frequently asked questions (with answers) related to Thrive Membership subscription cancellation.

Can I re-activate my Thrive Themes Membership account after it canceled?

Yes, you can re-activate your account at any time. Remember, this may inevitably increase the price as per regular membership costs.

Am I eligible for a refund after cancellation?

Yes, you are protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. Recurring payments are not eligible for a refund after the guarantee period over.

Can I use Thrive products after my account is canceled?

Yes! You can use Thrive Suite services until the paid period ends. After that, you will still get plugin updates, but no more tech support will be provided.


This is all that exactly going to happen when you decide to cancel Thrive Themes Membership subscription.

However, if you deactivate and sign up again sooner or later, the cost for Membership might be the same or higher than before as per regular plans & plans.

Let me know via the comments below is this guide is helpful for you or not. Also, don’t forget to spend your 10 seconds to share this article within your social circle.

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