How To Bypass Linkshrink Short URL Ads Online In Chrome, Safari, Firefox

How to bypass Linkshrink short URL in Chrome, Safari and Firefox web browser – There are plenty of short URLs you may come across while browsing the internet. These also called shorten URL.

The primary motive to make shorten URLs is to make money online by sending traffic to a specific web page. This link may be an internal or external link of a blog or website.

What is shortner URL & how it works?

When you visit a website or blog page and click on any click. If that link is a shorter URL then before sending you to the right page, some ads will be displayed. In that case, you have to wait for some seconds (It may be 5 to 30 seconds), until the skip button appears.

Once you watch the ads and click on skip ads then the page will automatically redirect to the right link you were clicked for. But sometimes even clicking on skip ads button, the page redirects to somewhere else instead of the destination page. That is too irritating and annoying.

So now the question rises to how to bypass linkshrink short URLs? Hence, you will find many different shorten URL like LinkShrink, Adfly,,, Linkbucks,,,, Spaste, Binbucks,, and many others are there. But in this article, I am sharing a trick to bypass Linkshrink short URL in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and mobile browsers, so you can easily bypass these ads and get your destination page or file.

Note: You can use above trick to bypass other shortner URLs of Linkbucks, Adfly,,,,,,, Spaste, Binbucks, etc. Not sure some may work or may not work. But I always recommend you to try the above trick first.

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Steps to bypass Linkshrink short URL

The trick, I am sharing with your for Linkshrink bypass works on PC’s Chrome, Firefox and Safari and any mobile browsers.

Step #1: Copy the linkshrink shorten URL that you want to bypass.

Step #2: Now visit Google web light Search page here

Step #3: Paste the copied linkshrink link in Google web light Search box.

Step #4: Here, you will see linkshrink ads page, just click on continue button.

Step #5: In the final step, you will get destination file or page you were looking for without any ads or annoying link.

Now you can download the file or open the page directly on your computer using Chrome, Firefox or Safari or mobile’s browser.

So, this is the right way to bypass linkshrink short URL ads. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment below.

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