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BeTheme is not your average WordPress theme – it’s super simple and uber flexible, allowing complete customization without any coding.

It has 200,000+ sales on ThemeForest and listed #10 most selling WordPress themes in the marketplace.

With this in mind, I come here to showcase a few real-life BeTheme Examples in the month of July 2022.

This list will help you if:

  • You’re wondering what others have already done with BeTheme.
  • You are looking for some inspiration for the design of your own website.
  • You need some creative designing ideas for your WordPress project.
  • Or for some other reasons…

Either, you can view the live demo to see it in action, or scroll down to see what are the best WordPress website examples using BeTheme in 2022.

30+ Best BeTheme Examples in July 2022

Note: The below examples of BeTheme WordPress theme examples has no particular order.

Pura Candela

betheme examples pura candela

Tale Design

betheme examples tale design


betheme examples madeweb

Gazelle Glider

betheme examples gazelle glider

Mani Comics

betheme examples mani comics

Greek Voyager

betheme examples greek vouagar

Go Alexandria

betheme examples alexandria


betheme examples nomeasy

Metro Politan Annapolis

betheme examples metro potitan annpolis


betheme examples comporium


betheme examples nextway


betheme examples teamware

Gun Partners

betheme examples gun partners


betheme examples dependent


betheme examples apunts

The Max Tattoo

betheme examples the max tattoo

Pole Dance Marseille

betheme examples pole dance academy

Blog – The Orange

betheme examples blog the orange

Nishiki Bikes

betheme examples nishiki bikes

Gavin Dvelys

betheme examples gavin dvelys

La Palma Cafe

betheme examples la palma cafe

Phil’s Gang

betheme examples phils gang

Vergara Breinbauer

betheme examples vergara breinbauer

Villa Castellina

betheme examples villa castellina

Zippy Toys

betheme examples zippy toys

NXP Blog

betheme examples nxp blog

Waiting For Next Year

betheme examples waiting for next year

Splash Canyon

betheme examples splash canyon


betheme examples wifonline

Want to see more examples? Here are BeTheme official templates gallery in action.

Summarized: Real-life BeTheme Examples Gallery 2022

In my opinion, BeTheme is one of the best WordPress themes on the market. It’s simple but powerful, allowing you to customize the layouts and functionality of your site the way you want it.

If you haven’t tested this theme yet, start here to download it from ThemeForest just for $59 only.

Know of any other live website of using this theme that should be listed here?

Kindly, submit website submission form to be the part of our BeTheme examples gallery.

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