How To Take Complete Backup Of Blogger BlogSpot Blog Content

Here I am going to provide to full guidance about how to take complete backup blogger blog content in .xml file format. BlogSpot is one of the top free blogging platforms to start with. That also have bad side is, it comes with many many limitations. Out of that one of the biggest is, Google owns the full hosting control of your website.

Google owns the right to delete your blog at any of time without notice. This usually comes when you are using your blog for copyright content or for any other spamming activities which violates BlogSpot TOS.

Here is complete information about why google actually remove blogger blog without reason?

  • Are You A Selfish Blogger?

For professional bloggers they always to go with WordPress self-hosted blog, where you have full control on your blog content files.

Why We Take Backup Blogspot Site Manually?  Full Guidance

Blogspot doesn’t support backup plugins like WordPress. So If you need to take a complete backup of Blogspot site complete then must do it manually.

If you don’t do this, unfortunately, Google removes your site then it should be a better for you have backup content files to reactivate your BlogSpot site.

Just for security, this will ensure that if something goes wrong with your blog in future, you can always restore your data and posts.

How To Take Backup Of BlogSpot Blog Content?

Blogspot provides free export features to their users to take backup of blog posts, comments etc in a .xml format file. This file can be installed on your local desktop storage.

So in this section, I am going to walk you through the steps needed to take backups of all the posts of your blogger blog.

Step 1: Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Settings >> Other

Step 2: Under Import & backup, you can see a button named Backup content. Just click on it

Step 3: Now click on “ Save to your computer” button and all of your blog posts will get saved to your computer in XML format.

You can use this file to either restore your blog anytime or to move your blog to WordPress.

Unfortunately, it’s only the 1 solution to take a complete backup of your blogger blogspot blog. Its all depends on you how ofter you do it weekly or monthly.

Here is the video tutorial to make easy process for you

This will solve two major problems. 1st if your blog gets deleted by google then you will have a complete backup of your blogger blogspot blog content. I also recommend you to keep these files either on Google drive or on Dropbox. So you can access it from anywhere on mobile or computer.

I hope you found my short guide on how to take blogger blog backup helpful. If you have any questions about it, feel free ask in comment section.

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