Adsense Matched Content Review – Increase Your Adsense Revenue With Native Ads

Adsense matched content ads is an another useful advertising system started by Google in 2015. With these native ads feature now you can earn more money from your blog.

Google’s one goal of matched content ads to increase user engagement by promoting relevant content with native ads on the site to your visitors. This will not know help you to generate extra AdSense revenue but also helpful to boost your site traffic.

Adsense matched content ad units are really useful grow your online business earnings.

Google allow us to enable and monetize matched content ad units on our site. This feature you can enable from Adsense account settings.

Here match content example you can see in below image.

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Here is a complete explanation that how to use matched content native ads to increase blog revenue.

How To Earn Money With Adsense Matched Content – Native Ads Review

Note: – Actually matched content feature is not available for all Adsense users. Blogs with unique images, multiple pages, high-quality content, high volumes traffic are mentioned in it to increase user engagement by promoting relevant content with native ads . If you don’t know your site monetize for matched content then to view it, go to adsense site management setting and see there.

Unfortunately if your account doesn’t have this advertising unit feature yet. Don’t worry just wait soon it will be available for you. Then you can enable this feature and earn more money with matched alongside content ads.

But If your site is ready to enable adsense matched content unit and can increase user engagement by promoting relevant content unit ads on your site. 

To enable native ads unit feature follow below simple steps.

1) Go to adsense official website and log in with your gmail account.

2) Adsense dashboard will appear there click on “My Ads” in left sidebar.

3) Click on “New Ad Unit” and select
Matched Content“.

Note: You will see this option only if your Adsense account provided you with this feature.

4) Now choose Ad option and enable monetize with ads feature. Select “Native ads”.

This is all about how you can start making extra income from adsense displaying advertisements with related posts on your blog.

Bonus Tips: – If your blog having this feature then will see a right icon along with your site URL. Google Adsense matched content ads unit don’t count in google other content ads limit per page policy.

You no need to worry about how many advertisements showing on your website because officially approved by google there no limits with display ads on one web page.

To learn through video tutorial, please watch below.

If you want to learn more about it than reading Adsense policy and terms conditions to know recent updates. Also, check out best practices on official Adsense help centre page.

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I hope this information about google adsense matched content reviews will be useful for you to increase your AdSense revenue easily. I bet it should be also golden technique to increase user engagement. 

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